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Resources, examples and more from the 2012 KDMC/CUNY workshop on mobile for community media outlets and BXB12 session on mobile monetization for hyperlocal sites.


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These are mostly portfolios for design studios, but still, really cool. Bring them up in your browser, resize the browser window, see what happens?

This will help you accommodate the widest possible variety of current and future devices, with one website.

Much cheaper, simpler!

Good advice, but you don’t really need to get fancy with video for small banner ads for smartphones that run on mobile websites or in apps.

Google comparison about how to make the decision whether to do a separate mobile website or implement responsive design. Does not include option of adding a separate mobile theme to your existing website.

Excellent resource guide for mobile design and development. If you want to make your site mobile friendly — and you should! — check here for hte best advice.

The mobile Web has gotten a bum rap. It spends most of its time either in the shadow of the desktop or playing the role of the native app’s frumpy friend. Luckily, we’ve got the tools to change that. Progressive enhancement, mobile-first and responsive design can help lead us towards a more unified, future-friendly Web. That’s the good news. The bad news? These tools are worthless if you don’t have license to use them.

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Recommended tool to create a mobile-friendly version of an existing site, complete with functions to automatically redirect mobile visitors to this version of your site. Shovelware, but good shovelware.

Not free, but fairly reasonably priced. $7.95/month for one build-it-yourself site up to 1500 visitors/month, up to $199/month for 1.5 million visitors/month. 

If your want them to build it for you, they’ll do that for a one-time fee of $650 or $1200, depending on number of page templates/forms they need to design and how many design iterations.

You can put ads on a MoFuse site, and this can cover the cost

The best book on understanding mobile web design: what works, and how to do it. Mainly intended for online services or e-commerce, but lessons apply to any site

If you want mobile users to interact with any part of your mobile site or app by typing or using buttons or menus, here’s some great advice on how to design to make it easy for them to do